Right to Education Project launches a new website with new features

ESCR-Net’s member Right to Education Project has launched a re-conceived and re-designed website to be more user-friendly, work on mobile phones and allow for greater interactivity. 

Users will find information on education as a right; a list of international instruments that guarantee the right to education; guidance on looking at the implementation of the right to education at national level; important right to education issues and tools for using rights in practice.

In addition, it is possible to find news related to the right to education, blog posts discussing right to education issues and success stories showing how civil society has used a human rights based approach to advance the right to education. New features include a multilingual discussion forum and a regular e-bulletin.

Visit the new website at the address: www.right-to-education.org

The Right to Education Project (RTE) promotes mobilization and accountability on the right to education and builds bridges between human rights, development and education. It generates and shares research and implementation tools to empower education actors to advocate for the right to education.

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