Climbing 37 volcanoes against discrimination of indigenous children and youth

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Since January 5, 2015, a member of the Q'ukumatz Association of Guatemala has been participating in the 37 in 27 project and seeks to raise funds for the programs of the organization and raise awareness about the loss of identity and discrimination of indigenous children and youths who migrate to the capital, Guatemala City. Luis Galindo, representative of Q'ukumatz, has been the program director for Mayan children and youth since 2010.

This project consists of climbing the 37 major volcanoes in Guatemala in 27 days, which Galindo will do alongside 3 other walkers representing their respective organizations. Among these volcanoes is the highest point in all Central America, and three of the volcanoes are active. While the project represents a tough physical and mental challenge, the hikers are motivated by the interest to do their work and touch the lives of the participants in their programs.

Since August 2014, the hikers have been planning, budgeting, promoting the project in media in different countries and languages, and contacting with sponsors and donors. The climbing of the volcanoes had its start on January 5, day 8 KAN in the Mayan calendar, the day of transformation and justice.

Through this initiative, the Q'ukumatz Association hopes to secure donations from companies, organizations and individuals. To organize a 3-month course for 45 children and youth in which participants will learn about their identity as descendants of the Maya people,  about $20,000 are needed. This covers teaching materials, furniture, one meal during the working sessions, facilitators payment, renting of venue, field visits and all other aspects of the course. The  goal of the Q'ukumatz Association is to hold three to four courses per year.

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