Conectas launches the 21st issue of Sur Journal

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Conectas launches the 21st issue of Sur Journal in a new format via a new website, exploring issues of drug policy and human rights.  For a detailed overview of this issue, see the Introduction to Sur 21 here.

The new website seeks to provide an enjoyable experience with a new reader-friendly format including additional features for researchers such as a "how to cite" option. This issue features The Sur File on Drugs and Human Rights, with leading names in the field of drug policies from Thailand to Nigeria.

Sur Journal now offers a series of new sections: case studies ('experiences'), interviews ('conversations'), op-eds ('voices'), visual statements ('images'), reflections on institutional practices ('institutional outlook'), and longer articles ('essays').

Conectas also includes an op-ed by the ACLU's executive director on mass surveillance; a photographic essay on global protests; a piece by one of the leaders of the recent Hong Kong mass protests; two interviews with Ugandan and Mexican activists on LGBTI rights and forced disappearances, respectively; longer articles on legal pluralism, the Brazil's Truth Commission and the politicization of humanitarian NGOs, among others. 

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