IAP's Global Advocacy Team finalists for Equator Prize 2015

Publish Date: 
Monday, November 16, 2015

The 8 members of IAP’s Global Advocacy Team represent communities that have experienced, or will experience forced evictions as a result of a development project. In order to influence policies at the World Bank and other development finance institutions, each member was trained by IAP to conduct community-led research on development and human rights and then turn this research into concrete policy recommendations.  

IAP started the Global Advocacy Team Initiative as a means to demonstrate that the people who have seen first-hand how development changes lives — for better or for worse — are best positioned to advise on improvements. Based on one of the largest community-led surveys on global development - involving 800 people in 8 countries - the Global Advocacy Team report, "Back to Development- A Call for What Development Could Be", outlines findings for specific countries and makes global recommendations to the World Bank and other development finance institutions regarding how development must include human rights.   

Learn more about the Global Advocacy Team here.