New report on the 'CSO Outreach Workshop on Accountability' in Banjul

Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 24, 2015

Conscience International (CI-The Gambia) has recently published a report on the “CSO Outreach Workshop on Accountability" in Banjul, which was co-facilitated by Conscience International and the World Bank's Inspection Panel.

The work of the Inspection Panel is very important to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), as it relates directly to their work of promoting and protecting human rights around the globe. Many African countries depend largely on World Bank-financed projects for their economic growth/recovery, but citizens are not well informed as to how they can participate in the governance of these projects. Most importantly, many CSOs and communities in Africa have little or no knowledge regarding independent complaints mechanisms such as the Inspection Panel.

In response to this gap, the workshop participants were united based on the need for a network of CSOs using the Inspection Panel as a mechanism to promote and protect human rights. 

The report is available here: InspectionPanel (World Bank) CSOs Workshop in Banjul.

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