New tool for organising the work at the UN

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Friday, February 20, 2015

The International Network of Human Rights (INHR) has presented the Geneva Human Rights Agenda. This is an application for mobile devices aimed at facilitating the dissemination of meeting information for all actors interacting with the UN human rights mechanisms and bodies in Geneva. Through this application, INHR is offering a single platform of up-to-date information on event dates, times, meeting documentation and any announced adjustments in these. This is a tool for organising the work at the UN. Downloading this application will give direct access to all the information on mobile devices, saving time compiling it, and making printing less necessary.

The user can personally define the settings of the application, choose to get notifications from, and follow only, certain committees, working groups or other mechanisms. This feature allows the users to tailor the application to suit their own specific needs, making sure they are always timely informed of the issues of most importance to them. The application is tidily organised and the different categories are colour coordinated, making it very user friendly and simple to navigate.

A special feature of the application allows you to easily pass on meeting information and working documents to colleagues and contacts by attaching them directly to an e-mail. It is fully possible to upload the events to personal mobile device calendar. The application also gives the opportunity to spread the information via social media accounts.

The application is based entirely on publicly accessible information available on the different UN websites. It is organised taking into account the UN Human Rights meetings calendar, and any meeting documentation published by the UN bodies, such as the the Human Rights Council or other treaty-based bodies.

INHR is convinced that the app will facilitate the job for everyone working in the sphere of Human Rights, simplifying the organisation of their daily calendars and giving them a centralised overview of what is going on, both inside the United Nations in Geneva and in the rest of the city. 

They hope this application redefines and sytsemises the way of spreading public information from the human rights bodies in the UN, and facilitates the job for everyone working on this subject matter in, and outside, Geneva.

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