Advances in the Corporate Capture Project

Following interest expressed by members during ESCR-Net’s Peoples’ Forum on Human Rights and Business, (Nairobi, October 2015) to ensure that corporate capture becomes an ever-more central component of all of the activities of the Corporate Accountability Working Group (CAWG), substantial progress has been made to advance collective work by the Corporate Capture Project this year.

Members are beginning to participate in research by completing the new Corporate Capture Survey, developed by the Corporate Capture Project Advisory Group (PAG), which includes Above Ground (Canada), Citizen News Service (India), Defend Job (Philippines), Habi Centre for Environmental Rights (Egypt), PODER (Mexico) and Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food. The PAG, with the leadership of Citizen News Service, has also developed a tool for aggregating online media related to cases of corporate capture and the CSO strategies used to address the various characteristics.

In May 2016, ESCR-Net led the Treaty Alliance in developing and promoting a statement urging the forthcoming UN Treaty to address corporate human rights abuses to remain free of corporate influence, and include provisions that would address corporate capture at the national level.  

For more information about how to get involved in the Corporate Capture Project contact Dominic Renfrey at: To subscribe to the Corporate Capture Newsletter, visit here.  All interested are also welcome to complete the Corporate Capture Survey.