New Comic: The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture and Debt

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Recognizing that to ignite change, we first must understand how the system works, what forces fuel it, and who is benefiting from it, 'The Power of the 99% to Stop Capture & Debt' serves as a political education tool to spur discussion and deepen understanding of the root causes of debt and its colonial legacies, the role of debt in imposing the dominant economic model globally, the actors involved, and its intersection with other issues such as the care and climate crises. Ultimately, this comic strives to inspire action to confront the models imposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and private creditors, which prioritize creditors' profits and corporate interests at the expense of labor rights, environmental protection, democratic processes, and public spending to ensure human rights to healthcare, education, food and more.

'The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture and Debt' is the third issue of the comic series launched by ESCR-Net to popularize the phenomenon of corporate capture of government institutions and decision-making. Read our episodes about the corporate capture of the United Nations and the corporate capture of healthcare systems.


Special thanks to our members from the ESCR-Net’s Economic Policy Working Group and the Corporate Accountability Working Group for their important contributions to crafting this story. We also wish to acknowledge the immense efforts of our allies and the hundreds of organizations, Indigenous Peoples’ and feminist groups, and social movements fighting to reclaim human rights and public interest in the face of the growing power of corporate and financial elites. They are building alliances and working together toward the change we aspire to see—a world where care for people and planet, solidarity, and substantive equality guide decisions and shape structures that ensure human rights for all.

> Download the comic in English, Spanish, French, Arabic

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