Monitoring Methodologies for ESCR

Monitoring Methodologies

Through the Monitoring Methodologies Working Group, practitioners can more systematically exchange experiences of using various methods to assess states’ action (and inaction) from the perspective of their ESCR obligations. This is the newest working group within the Network and collaborations are actively being sought. 

Networking to Share Information and Increase Capacity

At the most recent ESCR-Net worldwide strategy meeting in Nairobi (2008) Network Members emphasized the importance of strengthening their ESCR monitoring and documentation.  Since that time, Members have been seeking opportunities to collaborate on developing monitoring methods and tools at both the global and national level.

  • Visit the Monitoring Methodologies Forum (In development)

  • Access Resources on Monitoring ESCR (In development)

Foster the Use of Monitoring Tool and Methodologies Across ESCR-Net Working Groups

The members involved in the Monitoring Methodologies Working Group are seeking opportunities to support the collective advocacy of other ESCR-Net working groups through the use of methodological tools; for example, supporting litigation efforts through methods for collecting evidence of ESC rights violations; or supporting the collection of gender-disaggregated data on ESC rights for shadowing reporting or other purposes. 


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