Evaluating and Celebrating the NGO Campaign for the OP-ICESCR

Greetings Members of the NGO Campaign for the OP-ICESCR,

Thank you for expressing interest in helping to evaluate the achievements and lessons of the NGO Campaign for the Ratification of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR). We would welcome your written input on the questions by 7 October, if at all possible, to inform discussions that we will have at the GSM. This is an important moment to celebrate this Campaign, documenting the important work of NGOs across many countries and regions, and to learn lessons as we create space for new work and broader campaigning.

Questions for Reflection and Input by Campaign Members
Have you undertaken actions at the national level or supported any of the actions or events proposed at the regional/international level via the Campaign? If so, Please provide some example and /or outcomes. In case you have developed any material (i.e. flyer, photos, etc.) for these actions, please attach them
What efforts, promoted via the Campaign, have been particularly successful (i.e. in advancing ratification or perhaps in building wider attention to ESCR, access to justice, etc.)? Were certain actions or events particularly important or valuable, and if so, why?
If your government has not ratified, what reasons has your government given for being unwilling and/or unable to ratify the OP-ICESCR? What might be successful in overcoming this resistance or particular obstacles to ratification?
What type(s) of obstacle have you/your organization faced (if any) to undertake or follow up actions at the national level? Please provide inputs on any factor that prevented you from advancing potential actions, such as political restrictions, lack of resources, capacity, etc.
If you have interacted with the Group of Friends or if your country is a member, where have they been effective in advancing the OP-ICESCR or ESCR at the international level? As civil society, what opportunities do you see for us to constructively engage with the Group of Friends of ESCR in the context of the UN to advance the OP-ICESCR and ESCR more broadly?
What, if any, NGO Campaign for the OP-ICESCR resources or tools have been particularly useful? How could the NGO Campaign have been even more effective in supporting advocacy for ratification?

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey!