Financial Resources

Whether human rights defenders work for an organization or on their own, activities advocating and protecting human rights require funding. Various organizations offer emergency funds for HRDs in urgent situations or grants for human rights programs. With a large array of funding organizations and donors, human rights defenders should familiarize themselves with funders and how to write proposals. 

Funding Sources for Human Rights Defenders
Funding TitleOrganizationLanguagesLink
Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights DefendersHuman Rights WatchEnglishWebpage
Urgent Action FundUrgent Action Fund for Women's Human RightsEnglish, French, Spanish, Russian, ArabicWebpage
Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights DefendersEuro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights DefendersEnglish, French, ArabicWebpage
For Grantees: Grant Application InformationThe Fund for Global Human RightsEnglish, French, Spanish, ArabicWebpage
European Commission on Democracy and Human Rights Small GrantsEuropean CommissionEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish, PortugueseWebpage
Human Rights and International Justice Grant GuidelinesMacArthur FoundationEnglishWebpage
Brazil Fund for Human RightsInternational Human Rights Funders GroupEnglishWebpage
Journalist Assistance ApplicationCommittee to Protect JournalistsEnglishWebpage
POC GrantsPrisoners of Conscience Appeal FundEnglishWebpage
Protection Fund for Defenders of Land RightsInternational Land CoalitionEnglish, Spanish, FrenchWebpage

Lists organized by other organizations: 

Directory of Emergency and Rapid Response Grants of the International Human Rights Funders Group, as well as their database

2011 Grants List of The Fund for Global Human Rights

Working Group(s):