Ideas to take action to protect human rights defenders or prevent abuses.

There are many ways in which you can join actions that aim to exert collective pressure to promote human rights, including:

  • adding your name to a letter or petition, and share that document with your networks and personal and professional contacts;
  • send a letter (or visit) the embassy of the country in-question located in your own country;

  • send a letter (or visit) the office of your government that supervises your country's consular representation in the country in question;

  • if relevant, send a letter to the management and/or investors of companies involved in the issue in question;

  • hold peaceful demonstrations;

  • coordinate a solidarity action that produces photos or video documentation;

  • publish a letter or article on the issue in the media or speak about it on a radio program;

  • use public art, street theater or other cultural means to disseminate your message, and

  • use social media: share alerts and opportunities to take action through Facebook, Twitter and other media.

If you have other ideas about how to take action in response to threats to human rights, please share them with us!
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