Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2017


First published in 2008, the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch is an annual publication that monitors key policies, processes and issues related to the right to adequate food and nutrition at the global, regional, national and local level. In so doing, it gives visibility to peoples’ struggles and efforts on the ground. As a monitoring tool, its goal is to contribute to strengthening accountability and advancing the realization of the RtAFN for all.

When the world food crisis exploded in 2007–2008, international prices of all major food commodities reached their highest level in nearly 30 years, pushing the number of people living in hunger to one billion, and compromising the human right to adequate food and nutrition of many more. The ‘crisis’—which many have described as a multifold food, fuel, finance, climate and even a human rights crisis—brought the cracks of an unsustainable, broken food system into view, forcing policy makers to acknowledge its failures. A decade later, the root causes of the crisis persist. Social movements and civil society organizations are therefore keeping up their struggle to transform food systems.

This 10th anniversary issue of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch takes stock of the past decade and looks forward at the challenges and opportunities anticipated for the coming period. It aims to contribute to the struggle for the realization of the right to food and nutrition and food sovereignty, and to finding the way out of this multifold ongoing crisis.

The report in available here