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ESCR-Net is the largest global initiative responding to the needs of organizations and activists from around the world working to secure economic and social justice through human rights. As a key vehicle for collective work among organizations from different regions of the world, ESCR-Net seeks to demand accountability for economic, social and cultural rights violations from state and non-state decision-makers by influencing the international debate and advocating for the use of the human rights framework. To that end, ESCR-Net:

  • Facilitates the development of a collective voice to fight against ESC rights' violations worldwide;
  • Organizes advocacy actions, Solidarity Actions and joint projects among members to redress ESC rights' violations; 
  • Strengthens ongoing mobilizing efforts by communities in defending their rights by building a bridge between local struggles and international fora; 
  • Provides a channel for sharing information and discussing issues in the field of socio-economic rights among different groups around the world; 
  • Advances new tools and key resources to effectively address gaps and new and complex challenges for the field, including through workshops and trainings;
  • Acts as a repository of vital and updated information and case law for activists working on economic and social rights worldwide.

Strategic Litigation

Our work on Adjudication of ESCR focuses on the effective and strategic litigation of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) and provides information and resources through the Caselaw Database and ESCR Justice - Monthly Caselaw Update in conjunction with key partners and strategic allies around the world.

Corporate Accountability

Our work on Corporate Accountability strives to strengthen corporate accountability for human rights through strengthening the voice and capacity of affected communities challenging business-related abuses, exchanging strategies, tools and resources, and bringing grassroots groups and NGOs around the world together for collective advocacy.

Women and ESCR

Our work on Women and ESCR currently focuses on international advocacy and resource creation to support a deeper understanding of the unique and disproportionate impacts violation of ESCR have on women through collaborative projects with women's human rights groups at the national, regional and international levels.

Economic Policy

Our work on Economic Policy aims to prevent the negative impacts of the global economy on human rights and to develop alternative human rights-centered economic policies through research, joint advocacy, mutual-learning and alliance-building.

Social Movements

Our work with Social Movements seeks to ensure that social movements and grassroots have a permanent space within ESCR-Net to organize joint activities and to take advantage of the potentials of the Network to strengthen their work on the ground.


Our work on Monitoring ESCR focuses on how to harness innovative tools and techniques for monitoring these various actions from a human rights perspective.