Women and ESCR Working Group publishes Factsheet on Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Arabic

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ESCR-net is pleased to announce the Arabic version of the Factsheet on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which provides an overview of ESC rights taking into account the specific obligations related to women and diverse groups of women.

We hope that this document will be a useful resource for all our colleagues that are advocating and raising awareness of women’s ESCRs in Arabic speaking countries!

We express sincere thanks and appreciation for the work and commitment shown by the team of our member organization Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) and Ms. Farah Barqawi, who made this version of the factsheet possible.

This version makes the factsheet available in Arabic, English, Spanish and French (see the respective links below).

For more information or to get involved in efforts to advance women's ESCR, please contact Graciela, at: WESCR@escr-net.org.  

Download the pdf here:

Low-res. version

High-res. version


Factsheet English: http://www.escr-net.org/node/365158

Factsheet Spanish: http://www.escr-net.org/node/365159  

Factsheet French: http://www.escr-net.org/node/365193

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