Citizens for Justice publish report detailing accountability institutions in Malawi

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ESCR-Net member, the Citizens for Justice (CFJ), is implementing a program titled ‘Advocacy for a Corrupt Free Society as part of an initiative to strengthen accountability institutions in Malawi. Such institutions include an Anti-Corruption Bureau; Human Rights Commission; Ombudsman; an audit office and Malawi’s Fiscal and Fraud Police Unit, among others.

The report by CFJ argues that the strengthening of accountability institutions acts as a way of building trust in the democratic governance sector and holding public officials to account for the sake of the universal enjoyment of rights as Malawian citizens. Malawi’s constitution provides for a strong legal and institutional framework that establishes accountability institutions as a way to protect human rights.

The project includes an in-depth study to inform capacity-building plans in order to improve the effectiveness of Malawi’s main accountability institutions and contribute to the creation of a society withouth corruption.

With this report, Citizens for Justice gives a comprehensive picture of the situation of accountability institutions in Malawi and the ways in which these institutions to serve the public good. By sharing the report with a wider audience, they hope to raise awareness and give a voice and a platform to the accountability institutions to constructively engage with each other and find new ways forward, by combining their capacities.

 Assessing accountability institutions is central to Malawi’s Growth Development Strategy, as well as to CFJ’s theme of promoting good governance in Malawi. CFJ recognizes that improving accountability mechanisms in the democratic governance sector enables community based organizations and marginalized populations to contribute toward the construction of a society free from corruption.

To read this report, click here.