Legal Assistance Toolkit

Child Rights International Network (CRIN)

This guide provides children and NGOs with advice on how to get assistance from a legal professional, and includes information on how to get legal advice free of charge. 

The law and its systems are incredibly confusing and almost impossible to navigate without legal assistance. If you think your human rights have been violated, how would you know how to use the law to stop the violation and seek compensation? Would you know which court to file which documents in, when these documents need to be filed, and how to present your evidence to the court? How would you make sense of all the legal jargon? Then imagine if you’re a child mixed up in all this.

If children are to enjoy their human rights it’s vital they are able to use and trust the legal system. Lawyers provide children with a means to understand legal proceedings, defend their rights and make their voices heard - whether the child is accused of breaking the law, or is a victim or witness.

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