Weapons, War, and Women in the MENA Region

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) launched a new toolkit on Weapons, War and Women in the MENA Region this June. The toolkit is primarily dedicated to support partners and sections in the MENA region, to highlight the links between gender and militarization, and to expose how arms transfers to Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq impact women disproportionately.

WILPF monitors and analyses the impact of international arms trade that fuels conflict in the MENA region on civilian population, particularly women and girls. 

This toolkit is aimed at:

  • Helping WILPF partners, sections and other local grassroots organizations in the MENA region to integrate gender perspectives into arms transfers and militarization by providing the resources in the local language (Arabic).
  • Highlighting the relationships between gender, wars and arms transfers, particularly how different types of weapons impact women disproportionately during conflict.
  • Providing the foundation for local and international activists and NGOs to conduct advocacy around the use and transfer of arms in the MENA region and raise awareness around the often-ignored gendered impacts that militarization has.


More information on the toolkit is available in English here