NPSN takes *dramatic* steps to promote human rights in Kenya

Publish Date: 
Monday, September 16, 2013

The Nairobi Peoples Settlement Network (NPSN) works with residents in the informal settlements of Kenya’s largest cities to disseminate information, from government housing policies to international human rights treaties, in order to "give people the tools of knowledge to agitate for their rights."

Using diverse strategies, the NPSN works to raise awareness amongst people living in Kenya’s slums and to mobilize to claim their rights and to take positive steps to improve their living conditions and to confront the factors that pose threats to their ability to live a life of dignity.


Among its many programs is the Mighty Sparks Theatre Troops, which was formed as a self-help grup in 2005 and subsequently registered by the Kenyan Government as a community-based organization in 2011.

The objectives of the theater troupe are:

  • To nurture and improve talents through dancing, African percussion, acrobats, acting and poetry,
  • To create environmental awareness,
  • To promote mutual and social responsibilities and
  • To promote proper sanitation and hygienic services for the residents of the informal settlements

Among other activitites, the theater troupe deploys youth acrobats into the streets to promote broad participation in awareness-raising activities and coordinates environmental clean-up actions. They conduct public education on disease prevention and carry out trainings related to strategies to confront some of the main challenges confronting residents of the informal settlements in and around Nairobi.

For more information about the activities and strategies of the Nairobi Peoples Settlement Network see the chapter dedicated to their work, here.