New index monitors attacks and threats against human rights defenders

Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017 launched its new index of attacks and threats against human rights defenders. The index compiles and monitors alerts concerning violations against human rights defenders around the world. The index is part of’s advocacy mission to raise awareness around these violations so action is taken and human rights defenders are not left to face these threats alone. is a European Union human rights defenders’ mechanism that works to protect defenders at risk around the world and ESCR-Net is a member of the consortium leading the project. 

There have been more than 850 documented alerts since they began documenting these cases in January 2016. The alerts are verified and provided by the partners of, including ESCR-Net members, Front Line Defenders, FIDH and OMCT.

The index can be searched by various fields and includes interactive graphs. Of the cases reported to date, it shows that judicial abuses are the most frequent and the most targeted defenders are those working on land and environmental rights, pro-democracy activism and freedom of expression.

Recognizing that the index is not exhaustive, and many attacks still go unreported, aims to use it to identify the trends in these threats and encourage a coordinated response by authorities to stop these violations. 

For more information on the index and, please visit here.