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Organizations, social movements and individuals that demonstrate independence from government bodies, commitment and adherence to the principles and goals of the Network and are actively engaged in the promotion of, or advocacy and organizing for, economic, social or cultural rights are welcome to apply for membership in ESCR-Net.

ESCR-Net membership categories

  • Organizational membership is available for nongovernmental organizations, social movements and grassroots groups. Organizations eligible for membership in ESCR-Net must be formed to represent civil society for the public good, have an established track record of work to advance economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), make use of human rights to advance social justice goals, be committed to contributing to collective ESCR-Net work and meet defined Membership criteria*

  • Individual membership: human rights activists or practitioners, human rights experts, or academics with an established track record of work to advance ESCR and who meet defined Membership criteria but are not affiliated with an Organizational Member

*note: the following organizations, or individuals affiliated with these organizations, are not eligible for organizational membership in ESCR-Net: governmental or intergovernmental organizations, national human rights institutions, international financial institutions, funding agencies, profit-seeking organizations and media outlets

Membership implications

All ESCR-Net members have the right to:

  • access information provided through and/or by the Network,
  • participate in Working Groups,
  • present proposals and vote on specific projects for the Network and Working Groups,
  • access support for organizational staff or partners via ESCR-Net’s System of Solidarity (SOS), and
  • participate in the General Assembly meetings.

Additionally, organizational members have the right to vote on governance issues and political positions and to participate in Board elections

ESCR-Net members are expected to:

  • adhere to the principles and goals of the Network,
  • share and exchange information that advances the mission of the Network,
  • actively engage in the activities of ESCR-Net, including actively participating in at least one Working Group,
  • participate in governance processes of the Network, including exercising voting rights,
  • in times of urgent threat, stand in solidarity with human rights defenders working to promote ESCR via collective or other actions, and
  • support the NGO Coalition for the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR), of which all ESCR-Net members are part.

ESCR-Net is its members, whose contributions to joint advocacy, strategic exchanges and workshops, and solidarity actions are vital to the Network and its collective impact.  Many members include collaborative projects through ESCR-Net in their own work plans, and some contribute financially to the realization of those projects.  For this reason, ESCR-Net does not have membership dues.

Membership processes

Membership applications are circulated periodically throughout the year, whereby they are reviewed by our secretariat, then by our Board, and ultimately by ESCR-Net’s existing members.

For more information about membership in ESCR-Net, please send a message to info@escr-net.org with the following information:

  • How did you learn about ESCR-Net?
  • ESCR-Net members must be able to demonstrate a track record of work to advance economic, social and cultural rights. Please provide a brief description of your past and existing work in the field of ESCR to establish your eligibility as a potential member.
  • The application process for membership in ESCR-Net requires a reference, ideally an existing member of the Network. Which existing ESCR-Net Members might you identify to serve as a reference for your organization?  If you are not currently working with any ESCR-Net Members, which other human rights or social justice organizations do you regularly work with?

Provided that your submission contains the requested information and complies with the established criteria for eligibility, a member of the ESCR-Net secretariat will contact you within 30 days of your inquiry.