Gaza: Al Mezan calls for a solution to electricity crisis and immediate release of detainees

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Al Mezan called upon the authorities in Gaza to find a solution to the electricity crisis, and end the detention of peaceful protesters. In response to massive electricity cuts in Gaza, thousands of residents took to the streets last week in protest against the continued diminishment of electricity supply. As a result, the internal security forces summoned dozens of people for questioning and allegedly broke into houses to arrest people. Al Mezan views with much concern this approach, which fails to address the serious electricity problem, and condemns the efforts to prevent peaceful protests and freedom of expression. Such actions violate Palestinian law and international human rights law, notably the rights to freedom of speech, expression and to peaceful assembly.

In this regards, Al Mezan calls for:

  • an end the summons and arrest campaign, and other actions that force people to sign unclear and illegal commitments, and immediately release detainees;
  • termination of the duplicity of responsibility related to the power sector, unite the Energy and Natural Resources Authority and protect it from political interests, find alternatives and practical solutions protected from political interests;
  • the creation of a national technical committee to observe and follow the electricity file; informal social groups should observe the work of the committee to ensure that the committee avoids taking any decision that could exacerbate the crisis;
  • new measures to find solutions to the crisis, and provide citizens with electricity around the clock; and
  • Full respect for the law, including the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression, as the rights allow citizens to demonstrate their needs to decision makers.

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