Government of Trinidad and Tobago: recognise domestics as workers under the law

The ILO Convention 189 and recommendation 201 spells out all the protection that is needed to ensure a decent life for domestic workers. This International law if ratified by the Trinidad and Tobago government must ensure that domestic workers are brought up in line as all other workers. Firstly we in Trinidad and Tobago must recognise domestic workers under the Industrial Relations Act to bring them up in line as all other workers.

Domestic workers in Trinidad and Tobago have been duffering discriminations, inequity before the law and a number of injustices they are made to face daily because they have no means of recourse before the law in instances of wrongful dismissal. To allow domestic workers to be continued to be abused daily by their employers and the state is exploitation of the worse kind. If you believe domestic workers are indeed workers and should be treated as such join us by signing this petition. Domestic Workers must enjoy National Insurance benefits like everyone else. They must enjoy the protection of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

They must enjoy the right to recourse as all other workers in instances of wronful dismissal, redundancy etc. They must have the right to organise and collective bargaining.
Signed by General Secretary Ida Le Blanc and President Rookmin Singh. 

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