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On October 19-20,  2021, over 500 Public Development Banks (PDBs)  convened in Rome, Italy, for the second edition of the Finance in Common Summit.  This year's summit was jointly hosted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), the Italian National Promotional Institution and Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The focus was on the role PDBs can play in transforming agriculture and agribusiness to enhance food security, preserve biodiversity and address climate change. 

In November 2020, for the first time ever over 450 public development banks (PDBs) came together for the Finance in Common Summit to discuss their post-COVID19 recovery plans. Hosted by France, the Summit took place amid deepening public...

The International Accountability Project (IAP), a member of the Monitoring Working Group of ESCR-Net, is excited to share three new materials on Community-led Research, part of their new series of Global Community Action Guides.

These materials provide:

  • concrete
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African Commission advances corporate accountability for human rights abuses

In 2004, a small number of lightly armed rebels tried to take control of Kilwa, a remote fishing town in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo). About 50 km away from Kilwa there is a copper and silver mine, where Anvil Mining Company (Anvil Mining), a small Australian-Canadian mining company, had mining operations. Notably, the port in Kilwa was the only transport link to export the mine ore to processing plants in other countries.

African Court upholds land rights for Kenya’s Ogiek

In October 2009, the Kenya Forestry Service issued an eviction notice requiring the Ogiek, a forest-dwelling community and one of Kenya’s most marginalized indigenous peoples, to leave the Mau Forest within 30 days.

Representatives from 35 civil society organizations and community groups based in 11 countries in South and Southeast Asia participated in a workshop on how individuals and communities harmed by development projects can seek recourse.  Several ESCR-Net members, including...

This animation explains the rights of people displaced by dam projects and guides people on how to access their...

This brochure, Women & Girls Ignored Caracol Industrial Park, outlines the specific impacts of the Caracol...

Developed by an ESCR-Net Member