International Financing, Trade and Investment

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In response to the World Bank’s comprehensive review of the conditions it attaches to its loans, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), a...

After the 2011 Arab uprisings the IMF signalled change to its longstanding policies to focus more on inclusive growth and social inclusion. The ...

The case was filed against the US government by Glamis Gold, a Canadian mining company engaged in the mining of precious metals. The project area was located within the California Desert Conservation Area, and designated areas of special cultural concern, and near, though not on, the Quechan Indian Tribe’s reservation lands.

International meeting organized by CESR on Tax Policy promotes the progressive realization of ESCR

New report by several NGOs says that the IFC is failing to perform due diligence and to identify or effectively manage risk in many of its investments in third-party lenders 

Thirty-three members and allies from seventeen countries attended the gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa

Bretton Woods Project published an analysis of the key issues and developments affecting the World Bank and IMF in 2014

The ETO Consortium released a new publication series to provide guidance on how to apply extraterritorial obligations

Center of Concern, Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales and Center for Economic and Social Rights applaud the decision of the Human Rights Council on the regulation of sovereign debt

World Bank safeguard draft rolls-back protections for people and the environment: key human rights concerns