How governments are failing on the right to education: Findings from citizens’ reports in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nepal

ActionAid International

This report presents important new findings on the right to education from citizen-led research in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nepal. This process has helped to deepen people’s engagement as citizens in holding their government schools and their public education systems accountable, as many children do not attend school or the schools are unaffordable. The report focuses on ten flaws within the education system, such as the problems accompanying large class sizes or under-funded public education systems.

The report puts forth positive solutions, concerning four core areas, to ensure that the government can deliver on the citizens’ right to education. It addresses the need for governments to increase their spending on education, however, it also points to the importance of investing for equity to eliminate discrimination. For example, to end the disadvantages faced by girls and children with disabilities, and to ensure that professional teachers are well trained and valued.

Please read the full report here.