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Sierra Leone
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Corporate Accountability

The claims brought by four NGOs against former Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) alleging a gross mismanagement of public finances by the government leading to degrading conditions, shortages of medicine, education and basic services. The government allegedly failed to provide these services impairing its people from obtaining adequate medical treatment and from accessing basic education.

The claimant, Thiagraj Soobramoney, suffered from chronic renal failure (among other diseases) and was in dire need of renal dialysis in order to stave off death. When he ran out of personal funds with which to pay private providers, he sought service in Addington Hospital, a state-funded hospital in Durban. The hospital refused Soobramoney treatment because his general physical condition did not qualify him for treatment under the criteria or guidelines used by the hospital to determine eligibility for such treatments.

Pendant le programme de formation à l'analyse budgétaire et aux droits humains
tenu à Buenos Aires, Argentine, en 2006, Zahirul Islam a suggéré comme
éventuelle action de suivi à la formation d'envoyer aux participant-e-s des
exercices sur différents outils d'analyse...

Tout comme l’inflation érode les revenus des familles – en ce sens qu’elles doivent en générer de plus en plus chaque année rien que pour se maintenir – l’inflation érode le pouvoir d’achat des gouvernements.


Just as inflation erodes the earnings of families—meaning they need to make more and more each year just to stay even—inflation erodes the buying power of governments.

We often need to look at trends in government...

This page contains excercises on determining and understanding ratios.

Take the Budget Challenge!
This page contains some exercises as a follow up action to the learning program on budget analysis and human rights in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Help us understand the work that is taking place in Budget Analysis.  We want to hear from groups that use budget analysis for their social justice work or who are interested in incorporating it - what are your groups’ specific interests, challenges, and needs?  Read more to view questionnaire.

The West African Regional Learning Program on Budget Analysis and ESC Rights is aimed at activists involved in development work, social and economic justice movements, human rights organizations and applied budget groups based in and working...