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The International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) sent a letter today to the President of Kenya, Uhuru...

On 21 January, ESCR-Net sent a letter to the government of Pakistan to express concern about the recent arrest of Saeed Baloch, human rights defender,...

To: The Ethiopian government (Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn) and its backers: the United States government (President Barack Obama), UK government (Prime Minister David Cameron), German government (Chancellor Angela Merkel), Swiss government (President Simonetta Sommaruga), Canadian...

Summary: Global hunger and food insecurity are complicated, messy issues. And although the right to food is a human right...

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This case was brought by six pregnant or lactating women who lived in poverty in a Delhi slum.  The women were denied food rations, as well as prenatal and children health benefits which they were entitled to under several national benefit programs.

In response to the recent wave of land grabbing and plundering, the concentration of land and water in the hands of a few powerful entities, as well as the growing privatization and commoditization of nature, FIAN International has...

Several ESCR-Net Members in Cambodia condemn the indefensible verdicts issued by the Court of Appeal in the cases of ten land activists and one monk