Webinar: What is Corporate Capture?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019
ESCR-Net Corporate Accountability Working Group Webinar Series on Corporate Capture

On 3 April, we hosted the first of a series of public webinars that will be held throughout the year as part of our global campaign on corporate capture.

In this first webinar, ESCR-Net’s Corporate Accountability Working Group introduced “corporate capture” and its eight manifestations. Two members, Comité Ambiental en Defensa de la Vida and Corporate Accountability, presented cases from Colombia and the United States that embody corporate capture in some of its different manifestations.

In the Common Charter for Collective Struggle, ESCR-Net’s social movements and NGO members identified corporate capture of government institutions and decision-making as one of the five global conditions undermining the human rights of communities around the world. This webinar is an attempt to contribute to a network-wide campaign to confront corporate capture, attentive to its impacts on human rights and particularly women’s rights related to land, housing, climate change and natural resources.

Future webinars in the series will explore specific manifestations of corporate capture via additional cases that will illustrate the impact of corporations on international and domestic decision making on issues that include but are not limited to climate change, housing, access to natural resources, and women’s rights to land. In an effort to mobilize members and raise awareness about Corporate Capture, the webinar series will discuss eight different manifestations of undue influence of corporations in our world today.



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