Ekta Parishad proposes new campaign for poor people: Jai Jagat 2020

Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ekta Parishad is preparing to launch a new campaign for poor and marginalized people called Jai Jagat 2020. “Jagat,” in Hindi, means “all people in the world”.

Ekta Parishad has, since its inception, focused on the lives of poor people and organization of marginalized communities and their struggle for control over land and natural resources, as a way to fight poverty. In doing that work, they have come to realize that this problem is not limited to India alone and that people from almost every country across the world are experiencing similar challenges. This means that they are expanding their work at the globa,l as well as at the grassroots, level to bring about real change.

What is being proposed, as the forthcoming global action, is that genuine social change rquires collective action across groups and countries. Increasingly destructive trends need to be counteracted by local and global action that is coordinated and done simultaneously. Such a large-scale effort needs to challenge and sensitize global organizations and players. While a very strong component of Ekta Parishad’s actions will remain focused in India, in response to local problems, they are very keen to work with as many organizations as possible at every country and global level .

The arenas for action proposed by Ekta Parishad in their forthcoming campaign include youth training in a non-violent action, building alliances and networking with other countries, encouraging female leaders, creating a non-violent economy, coordinating marches and encouraging community and citizen involvement in public affairs.

Please find more information on the campaign here.