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The current Constitution of Uganda has a mixed system where a few ESCRs are included in the Bill of Rights under Chapter 4 of the Constitution, while the majority of ESCRs are under the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State...

SERI and the LRC, who represent the families of the 37 mineworkers killed at Marikana on August 2012, issued a press statement regarding the publication of the Marikana Commission report

International meeting organized by CESR on Tax Policy promotes the progressive realization of ESCR

PWESCR released a new publication on the origins of the African regional human rights mechanisms

The Global Initiative for ESCR successfully intervened with a Parallel Report laying out the extra-territorial obligations under the ICCPR

Amnesty and WASH United released a publication that gathers the evidence of the universal recognition of the human rights to water and sanitation

Members and allies, in collaboration with the Strategic Litigation Working Group, assess the decision of the Spanish Government to restore undocument migrants' access to health services

Plataforma Dhesca and civil society organizations presented their priorities on Human Rights

South African Supreme Court advances enforcement of right to decent housing

HIC-Al, ACIJ and CELS, among others, achieved a regional hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Dejusticia and Racial Discrimination Watch launch a platform for actors interested in advancing the right to prior consultation

TierraViva's advocay achieved that the struggle of the Sawhoyamaxa was recognized as one of the most importants of 2014 in Paraguay