Member News

RAID calls on the UK and other governments to rectify serious problems in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Report from MiningWatch Canada and the United Steelworkers concludes that Canadian diplomats in Mexico were complicit in Toronto-based Excellon Resources Inc.’s efforts to avoid redressing a violated land use contract

Amnesty International, together with ICAR, announce the launch of a new website for the Commerce, Crime, and Human Rights Project

ProDESC is pleased to announce that communal landowners of La Sierrita are exempt from rent payment

The ETO Consortium released a new publication series to provide guidance on how to apply extraterritorial obligations

ProDESC and PODER were part of an observation mission that has reported violations to the right to consultation

MiningWatch Canada highlights on the growing number of communities saying no to large scale mining in defense of their lands and wellbeing

EarthRights International is part of a NGO Coalition that filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM), requesting investigation of the impacts of the Malaysian-built Don Sahong Dam project

Equitable Cambodia and Inclusive Development International expressed disappointment over ANZ Bank’s decision to cut business ties with the Cambodian firm Phnom Penh Sugar without first ensuring redress for the grave harms caused to hundreds of families

Front Line Defenders publishes a report on the current conflicts between mining companies and the defenders of the rights of peasants and indigenous people in Peru

Rights and Accountability in Developement (RAID), Bread for All and Fastenopfer just published a new report on Glencore’s activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that analyzes Glencore’s impacts in terms of environment, security and human rights